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How long has it been since I've written a blog? Several years, it seems. Since 2008, I've been using Twitter as a way of expressing myself. 140 characters is very limiting, but I seem to have managed to get by with just that many.

I quit my job at USTS after four long years at the end of May 2010. One month later, I took a trip to New York where many good memories were made, and it's a very special place in my heart. After coming back from New York, life's been in a slump. I did manage to grab a job at a restaurant that just opened nearby. Corner Fish Grill is where I am a dishwasher. It's very different compared to working an office job for four years. Standing for 6 hours straight is more exhausting than it sounds. I've started doing stretches before and after shifts, and I still need to get used to keeping my knees bent a little bit so my back isn't aching at the end of the night.

The reason for quitting my job was because I got tired of doing the same thing for four years. I was not planning to do it. In fact, I have a dream in the culinary field. I don't know if I have what it takes to actually go into that field, but I love food, cooking, concept, flavor, etc. The problem is that I don't have the funds to go to school for it, and I strongly feel that you don't need to go to school.

I've met a large group of friends through a singer-songwriter named Kina Grannis. A few of them so happen to be chefs (or former). This network I've become a part of might be just what I need to get my foot in the door! In fact, if everything goes well, I might be going up to the bay area to go train with one of these chefs. It's very exciting and scary at the same time, and I know that it will involve a lot of hard work and determination. I may say that I know this, but the thought hasn't actually hit me yet. But when it does, I hope that I don't get overwhelmed.

I kinda announced I was writing this, so I've lost my flow of thought. Guess I'll end it with this:

To you: You may never read this, but I adore you. Sometimes when I see/hear/feel things you've created, I feel like they were inspired by me. A bit arrogant/vain, I know, but I can't help it. Your inspiration has sparked me to write this blog entry. Keep doing what you do.